Tree Houses

Riverside Tree Houses produce custom, rustic tree/play houses, log cabins, elevated platforms, and bridges for people of all ages. Riverside Tree Houses are attractive, imaginative and built to last. A Riverside Tree House can be adapted to accommodate
various stages of life ranging from a young child’s magical playground, a cool place for teenagers to hang out, to a peaceful sanctuary to wile away the afternoon reading a book. With the highest level of craftsmanship, Riverside Tree Houses can design your dream tree house to your personal requirements.

Our Designs

Every Riverside Tree House is individually designed and custom built. The timber materials used are #1 grade cedar and pressure-treated pine sourced from sustainable, managed forests. Our tree houses are based on a sturdy, water tight log cabin design with a fully finished interior. They are available in various shapes and sizes incorporating bunk beds, trapdoors, platforms and many other accessories. Every tree house is engineered to a high level of safety, strength, and durability.

Price Guide

All Riverside Tree Houses are uniquely designed, therefore individually priced. Our tree houses start from $20,900. During a site visit, we will give an indication of cost for the proposed design. Once a design has been produced, an exact price will be attached with the approved drawing.


Our tree houses are engineered to last within the constraints of materials used. We ensure the highest quality of craftsmanship and care throughout the construction process and build with minimal maintenance in mind to ensure longevity. Our tree houses do not rely on primary structural support from a tree, but are built similar to a deck with sturdy posts installed in concrete footings. While Riverside Tree Houses strive to ensure your safety, due to the changing nature of a living tree, cracks and warping may appear. These are natural characteristics of wood and do not necessarily result in structural failure. We are happy to offer annual maintenance along with a structural stability check, please ask for more details.

Site Visit

During a site visit, photographs, dimensions, sketches, information and ideas will be gathered. We will also advise and make suggestions with an estimate of cost.

When you decide to proceed, Riverside Tree Houses will design and produce personalized 3 dimensional scaled drawings. There is a charge of $850 for the design and drawing, which will go towards your final cost if Riverside Tree Houses undertakes the build.

Once a design has been agreed upon, we will place the tree house into the work schedule and a date can be given for the commencement of work. We always give a realistic start time. Occasionally minor alterations from the original design drawings are necessary due to the complexity of a tree house design. Depending on scale and complexity, builds can last anywhere from 3 – 8 weeks.


A permit may be required depending on the size and location of the tree house. Please check with your local building department for information.

If the proposed tree house is within sight of your neighbor, we always advise that you inform them of your intentions to avoid any future issues. If a structure is going to be attached to a tree(s), it is advisable to check for any Tree Preservation Order (TPO) placed on the tree(s). Your town can advise you if any trees on your land have a TPO on them. A professional tree expert should also check the condition of the proposed tree(s).

Although we will strive to give you the best advice, all planning issues including, but not solely limited to, permits and Tree Preservation Orders, are the full and complete responsibility of the homeowner. Riverside Tree Houses can not be liable for any cost/action incurred by any issues arising from the installation of your tree house.

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